Reasons How Low-Code Software Can Revolutionise Companies’ Agility and Efficiency

Reasons how low-code software can revolutionise companies' agility and efficiency. No-code, Business Processes, automation, workflow, digital transformation, intelligent automation.

Imagine if building business processes was as easy as a toddler building a cool tower out of blocks? Imagine having every employee at your company become a citizen developer without any coding skills? Well, with a no-code solution, this can be possible!

Gone are the days an organisation would need to hire an external tech team to build business processes for them. Previously, this might have taken the up to 3 months and if mistakes where made they would need to go back and make changes which might take an additional 3 months. 

The demand for low-code development is on the rise. It is forecasted to grow drastically even further in the years to come. According to a recent Forrester report, the low-code market is set to reach an annual growth rate of 40%, with spending forecasted to hit $21.2 billion by 2022. Thus, with the rise of low-code development, there will also be an increasing rise for customisable integration, implementation and consulting services.

With low-code software, automating business processes can be as easy as building a tower out of blocks. An employee knows the processes of the business better than anyone else. So why not give them control to build the processes themselves? Wyzer Work is a low-code solution for all of your BPM needs. By defining one’s processes, they can be easily built in a flowchart through a drag and drop functionality. Wyzer Work would then magically transform the flowchart into machine code for you. Wyzer empowers employees by providing a simple platform to easily build processes, create forms and not worry about the tech side of things. In turn, this allows organisations to turn time-consuming manual tasks into automated, efficient workflows. Moreover, Wyzer Work ensures that employees have time to focus on what matters most by reducing the workload of manual tasks and replacing them with intelligent automation. 

Low-code platforms help organisations by improving their agility and drastically increase productivity. Moreover, it decreases cost as it provides the ability to develop processes and applications in lesser time. 

The graph below is based on the research conducted by Frevvo as it explains the importance of low-code development tools. It is found that it accelerates digital innovation and transformation by 69%. It is also responsible for reducing the dependency of high technical skills by 40%.

Reasons for using Low-code Platforms: accelerate digital innovation and transformation, reduce current IT backlog and increase responsiveness, Escape legacy debt, Reduce dependency on hard-to-hire technical skills, Project against technology churn and enable citizen developers to improve internal processes.

Low-code/ no-code is the future of software development. Time is money, and with this innovative development, it is easy to claim that it will increase an organisation’s efficiency and speed. It allows any employee to build workflows and directly solve processes problems.

Written by Sondos Kablan, Marketing & Business Sales Executive at