Say Hello to Wyzer!

Written by Dr Abdalla Kablan, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman at


“It is said that wisdom lies not in seeing things, but seeing through things – Manly P Hall”

Three years ago, when we started Wyzer, we knew that given our passion for problem-solving and our technical backgrounds we could make a real difference to companies and organisations that have nagging pain points and digitalisation issues requiring advanced technologies such as AI or blockchain to solve. We pitched our proposition, promising to build creative solutions and were lucky enough to have been trusted by several companies who believed in our approach.

As we started solving problems ranging from client on-boarding and KYC to open banking and transaction monitoring solutions, we made a huge discovery. Almost every problem that we were faced with, regardless of how the company described it to us, was in essence, a “process management” problem. This revelation was our “eureka” moment…” We found it! We are disrupting the business process management space!” I remember telling my co-founder Daniel.

Ok now I know it may sound boring, but here is the issue, Business Process Management (or BPM) existed for decades, almost every single entity from a retail shop to a large insurance company has a number of intertwined business processes that need to be modelled, managed, evaluated, optimised and monitored on an ongoing basis! How come no-one is doing this properly?? If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is the fact that almost all organisations were (and still are) relatively ill-equipped to manage their processes online. Email, Slack, and WhatsApp were not designed to manage processes within an organisation.

Hence, we embarked in solving our ultimate problem which is the creation of a technologically advanced tool powerful enough to manage and handle entire organisation’s processes in the most efficient, intelligent, and wise manner, and we did it our way; the Wyzer way.

Today we have built the backbone of our technology. We already are being entrusted by various organisations. Small, medium and large enterprises are contacting us to assess their current workflows and to explore how our flagship product, WyzerWork once launched, can help them in digitising and transforming their entire organisation’s workflows. Additionally, with our no-code solution, there is no need for organisations to hire coders or to write a single line of code. Just drag and drop, a bit like playing lego!

WyzerWork as a SaaS product will be launching in Q1-2021, and for that reason, it is time to Re-Brand Wyzer. We do not call it re-branding, but we are finally bringing Wyzer to life.

For that reason, Say Hello to Wyzer!


Wyzer is not just a company. Wyzer is an emotion. It is a culture. Wyzer is a strong vision to change the way that people work by enabling organisations to digitalise their business processes and automate mundane tasks seamlessly.

We designed a brand with a face so our users can relate and bond with our brand, we designed a brand that through emotional visualisation, users can interact, trust and hence “befriend” our brand.

Like a true friend, Wyzer’s heart is an open book to the user. Wyzer’s faces take the user through their journey in the product. The faces let the user know what Wyzer thinks of their current state or performance at any given time.

This is just the start!

We are on a mission to create products and services that allow organisations to operate more efficiently and offer better customer experiences through the use of technology. We are continuously working on the forefront of AI development, and one day (soon enough) we will bring Wyzer to full life. And who knows? Maybe your organisation’s next Chief Processes Officer will be Wyzer.