Get Wyzer Work for Free up to 6 Months!

Get Wyzer Work for Free up to 6 Months under the Malta Enterprise Business Re-engineering Scheme!

Wyzer Work Malta Enterprise Business Re-Engineering Scheme. Automate your business, 6 months free of Wyzer Work

Due to the pandemic, many companies had to change their business model to adapt to the current circumstances. Thankfully, Malta Enterprise is stepping in for those companies that require funding and professional assistance to create new business plans and explore new technological solutions. Malta Enterprise has an allocated budget of €2.5 Million, of which each company can be granted a maximum of €5000 (or 50% of the cost). The €5000 grant can be utilised by investing in software by pre-approved companies (such as WYZER) that can help re-engineer and modify the company as needed.

What does Wyzer Work do and how would it help re-engineer your company?

Many companies struggled this year as overnight they had to react and adapt to the new social distancing laws. This changed the way companies operate in terms of customer interactions and the office itself since employees started working remotely. Many enterprises had their backs against the wall with this sudden change and are still struggling to adapt to the new norm. Wyzer Work aims to aid companies by making re-engineering easier. 

Wyzer Work software is a low-code solution that allows companies to manage the entire life cycle of their business processes through a highly intuitive user interface. The software empowers every employee within the organisation to become a citizen developer. The teams can create, automate, manage, optimize and deploy sophisticated business processes. Being a citizen developer permits employees to track and report on key business functions, as well as continuously evaluate and improve the processes.

Wyzer Work has features necessary for strategic and seamless organization management. These include:

  • Easy Modelling of Processes – It empowers business users to re-engineer and roll-out processes and forms quickly with little to no coding. 
  • Drag and Drop Form Builder – It allows citizen developers to build forms and user interfaces that are capable of collecting a variety of different types of data.
  • Seamlessly generate PDF documents.
  • Wyzer Work uses recognised algorithms to enable legally binding and compliant electronic signatures.
  • Wyzer Work integrates with various authentication providers to enable single-sign-on across all software products within an organisation.
  • The product is deployed fully on the cloud in a Software-as-a-Service manner.
  • Accelerate your business by automating routine tasks.

What you would get from Wyzer Work with the grant?

The €5000 grant allows your company to get 6 months of free access to Wyzer Work and 100 Consulting hours! There is also the option to go for the 3-month version in which you can benefit from a €2500 reimbursement. Wyzer Work includes modules covering Compliance, Contract Signing, Digital ID Verification tools and Onboarding of Customers, so there is something for everyone! Once the free period is over Wyzer Work can be repurchased.

Wyzer Work Malta Enterprise Business Re-Engineering Scheme. Automate your business, 6 months free of Wyzer Work

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Written by Sarah Mizzi, Front-End Developer & Marketing Executive at